Advanced AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Level

Course Information

Delivery Method: Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Course Duration: 1 Month
Course Level: Advanced Level

About the Certification and Course Overview 00:07:29

Tools to Help you Succeed 00:04:15

Monitoring and Metrics

Understanding AWS Instance Types, Utilization, and Performance 00:15:15

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instance and System Status Checks 00:03:19

Creating CloudWatch Alarms 00:11:08

Installing and Configuring Monitoring Scripts for Amazon EC2 Instances 00:16:50

Dedicating an Instance to Monitoring 00:07:17

Monitoring EBS for Performance and Availability 00:18:32

Monitoring RDS for Performance and Availability 00:07:52

Monitoring ElastiCache for Performance and Availability 00:06:16

Monitoring the Elastic Load Balancer for Performance and Availability 00:06:28

Quiz: Demonstrate your understanding of monitoring for availability and performance Pass

AWS Billing and Linking AWS Accounts 00:10:06

AWS Billing Dimensions and Metrics for CloudWatch 00:11:43

Cost Optimizing 00:07:09

Using the AWS Price List API and Cost Explorer 00:08:42

Quiz: Monitoring and Metrics Pass

High Availability

Scalability and Elasticity Essentials 00:07:07

Determining Reserved Instance Purchases Based on Business Needs 00:09:46

AutoScaling vs. Resizing 00:11:31

Elastic Load Balancer Sticky Sessions 00:06:56

Quiz: Demonstrate your ability to implement scalability and elasticity based on scenarios Pass

High Availability With Single Instance Applications That Require Elastic IP Addresses 00:04:23

Understanding RDS Multi-AZ Failover 00:07:42

Applying High Availability Bastion Host Instance 00:04:59

Overview Of Services That Allow Access To The Underlying Operating System 00:04:55

Elastic Load Balancer Configurations 00:07:42

Quiz: Demonstrate your ability to ensure levels of fault tolerance based on business needs Pass


Off-loading Database Workload 00:27:22

Initializing (Pre-warming) EBS Volumes 00:11:14

Pre-warming The Elastic Load Balancer 00:03:48

Quiz: Demonstrate your ability to optimize the environment to ensure maximum performance Pass

Resizing Or Changing EBS Root Volume 00:11:52

SSL On Elastic Load Balancer 00:06:47

Network Bottlenecks 00:15:11

EBS Root Devices On Terminated Instances – Ensuring Data Durability 00:11:55

Troubleshooting Auto Scaling Issues 00:05:19

Deployment and Provisioning

OpsWorks: Overview 00:10:42

OpsWorks: Creating Our First Stack 00:17:56

CloudFormation: Essentials 00:10:03

Data Management

Overview Of Backing Up Services On AWS And Services That Include Backups 00:10:22

Creating and Scripting Automation for EC2 Snapshots 00:33:45

Read Replicas With MySQL RDS Across Regions 00:08:43

Quickly Recovering from Disasters 00:19:28

Storing Log Files and Backups 00:07:36


MFA On Amazon Web Services (Multifactor Authentication) 00:06:57

Security Token Service 00:08:08

Understanding The Shared Responsibility Model 00:06:19

Route53 and DNS Failover 00:11:57

Weighted Routing Policies In Route53 00:05:56

Latency Based Routing 00:04:53

VPC Essentials 00:10:10

Building A Non-Default VPC 00:25:15

VPC Networking 00:04:18

VPC Security 00:07:44

Configuring a NAT Instance 00:12:31

DB Subnet Groups 00:05:51

Elastic IP Addresses And Elastic Network Interfaces 00:04:49

Configuring A Web Application In VPC 00:45:18

Live! Lab: Creating a NAT Instance in a VPC Completed

Live! Lab: Building a Virtual Private Cloud from Scratch Completed

Live! Lab: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Completed

Live! Lab: Creating a Virtual Private Cloud with CloudFormation and Launching an EC2 Instance Completed

AWS Direct Connect & On-premises to VPC Redundancy 00:07:43

Quiz: Practice Exam Pass

Taking the Exam  00:00:58