Advanced AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Level

Course Information

Delivery Method: Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Course Duration: 1 Month
Course Level: Advanced Level

About This Course    00:05:03

Preparing For The Exam  00:03:27

AWS Certification Essentials

AWS Architecture and Terminology 00:17:03

Compute and Networking Services 00:19:08

Storage and Content Delivery Services 00:13:10

Database Services 00:05:09

Analytics Services 00:01:13

App Services 00:07:35

Deployment Services 00:04:32

Management Services 00:03:31

IAM Essentials 00:06:36

IAM Best Practices For New Accounts 00:12:35

API Keys And Roles 00:10:44

IAM Policies 00:11:54

Log IAM Events With CloudTrail 00:06:39

AWS S3 Essentials 00:19:03

Getting Started 00:11:22

S3 Permissions 00:11:48

S3 Bucket/Object Versioning And LifeCycle Policies 00:08:40

Website Hosting With S3 00:05:48

Quiz: Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

Live! Lab: S3 Essentials and Versioning

Live! Lab: S3 Essentials – Lifecycle Policies

EC2 Essentials 00:25:00

Understanding Reserved Instances 00:08:20

Selecting And Building EC2 Instances 00:32:29

EBS Volumes And Snapshots 00:18:05

Working With Public And Private IP Addresses 00:10:57

Cloud-init Userdata And Metadata 00:10:38

Security Groups 00:15:47

CloudWatch And EC2 00:14:05

EC2 Placement Groups 00:05:21

Serving Traffic To Private Web Servers 00:11:54

Using a Bastion Host 00:06:34

Live! Lab: EC2 Sandbox Lab

RDS Essentials 00:17:53

Working With RDS 00:15:54

Subnet Groups 00:02:25

RDS Security Groups And Connecting To RDS From EC2 00:08:30

Introduction To VPC And AWS Networking 00:12:16

Building A VPC From Scratch 00:30:10

VPC Networking 00:06:20

VPC Security 00:09:55

Configuring A NAT Instance 00:11:30

DB Subnet Groups 00:05:37

Extending The VPC To On-Premise Networks 00:10:59

VPC Peering 00:11:07

Live! Lab: Building a Virtual Private Cloud from Scratch Completed

Live! Lab: Creating a NAT Instance in a VPC Completed

Live! Lab: Configuring VPC Peering

Working With Amazon Machine Images (AMI’s) 00:20:52

ELB With High Availability Hands On 00:21:43

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues 00:03:57

Applying Auto Scaling And ELB To Create High Availability And Fault Tolerance 00:21:03

Live! Lab: Introduction to EC2 – Configuring an EC2 Web Hosting Instance Completed

Live! Lab: Configuring an Auto Scaling Application Completed

Understanding AWS Direct Connect  00:11:01

Learning Amazon Kinesis 00:11:23

IOT Kinesis Example 00:03:09

CloudFront Essentials 00:08:52

Architecting Applications With CloudFront 00:20:08

Performance Considerations With CloudFront 00:04:26

Route53 and DNS Failover 00:12:24

Latency Based Routing 00:05:02

Weighted Routing Policies In Route53 00:03:22

SNS Essentials 00:03:31

SNS Hands-on 00:05:36

SQS Essentials 00:07:49

Using SQS To Build Decoupled Application Architectures 00:11:17

EMR Essentials 00:19:09

Elastic Beanstalk Essentials 00:03:34

Getting Started With Elastic Beanstalk 00:13:18

CloudFormation Essentials 00:02:50

Building An S3 Bucket With CloudFormation 00:15:06

About The CLI And Getting Setup 00:07:05

AW CLI: Working With EC2 00:11:57

AW CLI: Working With S3 00:13:26

How To Design Cloud Services & Best Practices 00:09:19

Monitoring 00:04:29

Architectural Trade-Off Decisions 00:05:17

Elasticity And Scalability 00:04:50

Data Security

Shared Security Responsibility Model And Attributes 00:03:55

AWS Platform Compliance And Security Services 00:05:52

Incorporating Common Conventional Security Products 00:02:35

DDoS Mitigation 00:04:01

Encryption solutions 00:03:06

Complex Access Controls 00:04:03

Amazon CloudWatch For The Security Architect 00:02:05

CloudHSM 00:04:58

EC2 Troubleshooting Scenarios 00:04:53

VPC Troubleshooting Scenarios 00:02:47

ELB Troubleshooting Scenarios 00:02:13

Auto Scaling Troubleshooting Scenarios 00:02:23

Live! Lab: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues Completed

Overview 00:04:19

Building A VPC vs Using The Default VPC 00:07:25

Best Practices For Securing A New AWS Account 00:15:27

Enabling CloudTrail 00:09:26

Building The RDS Instance And Learning More About Subnet Groups 00:19:03

Creating The Required IAM Role For Bootstrapping 00:03:53

Building The EC2 Instance, Installing The App, And Connecting To RDS 00:30:36

Downloading And Installing The W3 Total Cache Plugin 00:07:49

Adding CloudFront CDN For Static Files 00:17:33

Building The AMI 00:11:29

Adding Autoscaling And Bootstrapping 00:27:29

Troubleshooting Environment Issues 00:13:55

Route 53 Routing Policies 00:10:50

Hands On Building A Route 53 Failover 00:17:06

Methods For Deploying Configuration Changes To The OS 00:05:45

How To Prepare For The Exam 00:05:01

Whats Next After Certification? 00:02:11

Quiz: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Practice Exam Pass