AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Level

Course Information

Delivery Method: Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Course Duration: 1 Month
Course Level: Advanced Level

About This Course And The Certification   00:05:08

Security features that AWS provides and best practices 00:21:58
Able to design and implement for elasticity and scalability 00:13:39
Network technologies as they relate to AWS networking,
including: DNS and load balancing, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
(VPC), and AWS Direct Connect 00:18:37
Working With VPC DNS 00:15:18
Storage and archival options 00:04:26
State management 00:05:03
Database and replication methodologies 00:08:14
Self-healing techniques and fault-tolerant services 00:06:26
Disaster Recovery And Fail-over Strategies 00:23:02
Application migration plans to AWS 00:04:49
Deployment and management 00:01:20

Consolidated Billing 00:09:12
Consolidated Billing And EC2 Reserved Instances 00:03:24
Cross Account IAM User Strategies 00:07:12
Creating Cross Account Roles 00:10:01
Temporary Access Using Roles and STS 00:08:22
Federated Access Using SAML 00:13:46
Web Identity Federation 00:03:42
Costing And Resource Tagging 00:06:29
Resource Groups 00:05:40
AWS Config 00:08:35
Budgets And CloudWatch Alarms 00:06:16
Exercise: Playing With Web Identity Federation 00:30:00

Amazon CloudTrail Overview 00:05:20
Configuring CloudTrail In The Console 00:05:20
Monitoring CloudTrail Events With CloudWatch 00:07:05

AWS KMS Overview 00:09:37
Using The CLI To Encrpyt and Decrypt Data With The CMK 00:12:19

Amazon Kinesis Overview 00:11:23
Kinesis Mobile IOT Scenario Example 00:03:09

Integrating CloudWatch Logging With EC2 00:08:00
Real-Time Processing Of Log Files With Amazon Kinesis 00:28:58
Protecting Production Resources 00:17:44
Migrating EC2 Resources To Another Region 00:14:14
EC2 Backup Strategies 00:04:45
HPC (High Performance Computing) On EC2 00:08:46
HPC With Cluster And Grid Computing 00:06:10
Architecting For Performance 00:15:02
Increasing Performance With EBS Raid Configurations 00:09:11
High Availability And Disaster Recovery With Multi-Region Design 00:13:18
Hands-On: Route 53 Complex Configurations 00:16:33
Mitigating DDoS Attacks With AWS 00:15:02
Supporting Legacy Applications In The Cloud 00:09:39
Elastic Load Balancer Design Patterns 00:14:52
Exercise: Protecting Production Resources 00:30:00

Network And Data Security 00:10:01
Network Monitoring With VPC Flow Logs 00:14:55
Extending On-Premise Networks With VPN 00:09:40
Using Directory Service To Connect Hybrid Architectures 00:06:21
Security Zones 00:03:27
Understanding AWS IP Subnet Reservations 00:03:28

Working With AWS Direct Connect Virtual Interfaces 00:11:01
Accessing Remote Regions 00:02:43

ElastiCache Overview 00:15:31
ElastiCache: Memcache 00:08:29
ElastiCache: Redis 00:11:45

Redshift Overview     00:17:43

CloudFront Key Concepts And Overview 00:11:04
Dynamic Content With CloudFront 00:10:06
CloudFront Reporting 00:02:46
CloudFront Security 00:05:03
CloudFront Performance Considerations 00:04:35
Streaming Media With CloudFront 00:07:49
Forcing HTTPS To The Origin 00:02:18
Creating A Multi-Region CloudFront Solution 00:13:32

ElasticTranscoder Overview 00:11:51
Streaming With S3, CloudFront, and Elastic Transcoder 00:08:40

Introduction To Data Pipeline 00:13:44
Using Data Pipeline To Replicate DynamoDB Data Across Regions 00:06:00
Live Lab: Using Data Pipeline to Copy DynamoDB Data to S3

RDS Overview and Security Options 00:05:21
MySQL and MariaDB On RDS: Multi-region delivery,migrating data from on-premise, and disaster recovery 00:09:44
Oracle DB On RDS 00:04:40
MSSQL DB On RDS 00:03:48

Amazon CloudSearch                                                                           00:05:54

Amazon EMR     00:12:52

CloudFormation 00:04:53
Cloudformation Hands-On 00:14:57
OpsWorks 00:10:20
OpsWorks Hands-on 00:13:32

Message Priority 00:03:05
Batch Processing Job Observer 00:04:15
Live Lab: Auto Scaling Based off of SQS Message Queue Size

DynamoDB Overview And Some Design Patterns 00:12:34
Secondary Indexes 00:01:57
DynamoDB Multi-Region Replication 00:03:16