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Different Linux systems can be used in many ways. This is the main idea behind operating different services at different operating levels. For example, the Graphical User Interface can only be run if the system is running the X-server; multiuser operation is only possible if the system is in a multiuser state or mode, such [...]


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If there's one major star in the vendor-specific Linux certification firmament, it's got to be Red Hat. The company has major market presence and serious duration as a commercial provider of Linux platforms and technologies. Red Hat offers a typical administrator > engineer > architect certification ladder. Unlike many other such programs, however, it offers [...]

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 Bringing Agility and Innovation to Software-Defined Infrastructure

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SUSE® today announced SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7, the latest enterprise-ready OpenStack platform for building Infrastructure-as-a-Service private clouds. Powered by newly released OpenStack Newton, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 includes new Container-as-a-Service capabilities along with non-disruptive upgrade capabilities to avoid downtime and service interruption. These enhancements offer customers the ability to accelerate innovation and improve agility to [...]

Linux Command List

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cat concatenate (combine) two or more files cd change to another directory chmod change mode (security permissions) of file or directory ugo+-rwx user (owner), group, other (world), add, remove, read, write, execute cp copy file  -r copy directory tree df show disk free information find find files in a directory tree finger display user information [...]