Dear Candidate,

Sr. Linux, C/C++ Developer
Are you a Linux Nerd seeking the summit of software development and deployment? Then consider joining MMT as a team.

We are in fond of a passionate visionary to take our team to new heights. Someone who could contribute towards Linux software development to a great extent, and can help us find ways to drive the necessary data for the next generation of our app.

Key responsibilities :
Your primary responsibility will be to design & develop C++ based SDK’s , utilized for cross development products on Linux, Android, iOS, embedded, etc.
Design, Plan, Estimate & Execute the SDK development, Help each platform team , integrate the cross platform SDK’s.
Custom build system development using GNU autotools, Makefiles etc.
Work on various opensource projects like libcurl, libupnp, etc
Investigate and prototype new requirements in Linux.
Be the guide for any Linux & opensource related work.
Communicate directly with clients for the given requirement & queries.
Collaborate with other team leads, guide your team & execute to achieve the required tasks.
Conduct interviews.

Minimum 3 years of relevant experience.
Good experience of development on Linux & system programming, basic C & C++
concepts, Design Pattern etc.
Good understanding of toolchains, debuggers, gcc, gdb, valgrind, sockets, UDP/TCP protocols.
Good experience of Makefile / Cmake / gnu autotools.
Excellent in algorithm and problem solving.
Good understanding of Linux System Level Programming.
Experience in multithreading and synchronization is must.
Good understanding of svn, git.
Experience in working on opensource projects.
Experience in JNI.