Advanced Enterprise OpenStack Administration

Course Information

Delivery Method: Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Course Duration: 1.5 Months
Course Level: Advanced Level

Introduction And Welcome

Next Gen OpenStack Data Centers

What OpenStack is Not. (The History)

Architecture Workflow

Nova – Compute

Swift – Storage

Glance – Image Service

Cinder – Block Storage

Neutron – Networking

Horizon – Dashboard

Keystone – Identity Service

OpenStack Hypervisors

Choosing your Distribution platform

Creating your Own OpenStack with DevStack

Understand the components that make up the cloud
Identity Service Keystone

Manage/Create projects, users, and roles

Manage Keystone catalogue services and endpoints

Create roles and rules for the environment

Verify operation of the Identity service

Live Lab: Creating Projects, Users, And Roles

Verify operation of the Dashboard
Nova Compute Components and OpenStack Terms

Verify operation of Compute services

Manage Nova user keypairs

Manage Flavors

Manage quotas

Manage project security group rules

Launch a new Instance

Assign security group to Instance

Configure an Instance with a Floating IP address

Access an Instance using a keypair

Shutdown an Instance

Terminate Instance

Manage instance snapshots

Live Lab: Managing Flavors and Quotas

Live Lab: Launching Instances From The CLI

Live Lab: Launching Instances from Horizon

Live Lab: Configure Access and Security for Instances

Block Storage – Cinder Overview

Create volume group for block storage

Manage volume

Create a new Block Storage Volume and mount it to a Nova Instance

Manage quotas

Snapshot volume

Manage volumes backups

Manage volumes encryption

Live Lab: Create a new Block Storage Volume and mount it to a Nova Instance

Live Lab: Create a Volume Snapshot and Backup

Live Lab: Create an Encrypted Volume

Swift – Object Storage Overview

The Ring

Account, Proxy, Object, and Container Servers


Manage access to object storage

Manage expiring objects

Live Lab: Set Expire Times on Objects

Verify operation of the Image Service

Deploy a new image to an OpenStack instance

Manage image types and backends

Live Lab: Create a New Image

Linux Networking – Linux Bridges

Linux Networking – Network Managers with Nova-Network

Linux Networking – Network Traffic Flow VLAN and Flat Networks

Linux Networking – Floating IP Address


Neutron – Linux Bridges

Neutron – Open vSwitch

Neutron – ML2 Plugin

Neutron – Agents

Verify operation of network service

Create project networks

Create project routers

External Networks

Manage project security group rules

Manage quotas

Live Lab: Create a New Subnet in Existing Tenant Network

Telemetry – Ceilometer Overview

Telemetry – Ceilometer Pipelines, Meters, and Alarms

Verify operation of Telemetry

Manage Telemetry meters and alarms

Orchestration – Heat Overview

Heat Architecture

Heat Templates

Verify operation of Heat/Orchestration

Use Heat/Orchestration CLI and Dashboard

Obtain detailed information about a stack