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Linux Lab Technologies Products has been the #1 selling for more than 7 years, making it the most trusted and complete products on the market.  Powerful options & tools, unlimited features, responsive technology and amazing support are the reasons our customers have fallen in love.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Read below to find out why the sky’s the limit when using our products.

Our Hardware Products Is More Than You Have Thought, It’s A Powerful & Robust

Linux Lab Technologies Products gives you the ability to build cost-effective IT Infrastructure. These professionally designed machines were built entirely with our options and require custom hardware. Making IT life more Simpler and better with our innovative hardware products that one had ever experienced in term of costing, reliability, energy saving and much more with our Robust IT hardware Products, in short, “If you are looking the hardware at your own requirement then you have come to the Right place…

comput stick pocket PC


comput stick pocket PC

HPC Thin Client


DefenseBolt Firewall


Customize Your Entire IT Infrastructure With Ease, No More Hassles Required!

Take Control of Your IT. Yeah, with Our Software Products

Our Gibbon Series MINI PC, options and tools make it the most versatile product on the market by allowing you to take control of virtually every aspect and the section of the IT.  The powerful products options & features give you the flexibility to create your IT world you want.



HPC Cloud

Accounting Software

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Real Support. Real People.

We know what it’s like to need support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. With a hands on support center, online documentaiton and HD video tutorials, it’s no wonder that some of our best reviews are about our amazing support.

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Support System

Our support system is the perfect place to receive more detailed instructions on using your theme.

The Golden Rule

We know everyone needs support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated.
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Extensive Documentation

Online and easily accessible, these are detailed instructions on how to use Avada.

Find The Answers

This is the place to find just about anything you need to know about using your theme.
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HD Video Tutorials

Nothing is easier then learning first hand by watching a nicely composed high-definition video.

Learn By Watching

Watch our HD narrated video tutorials to quickly learn how to use various parts of your theme.
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Reviews From Around The Globe

People everywhere are loving Avada and we thrive off their feedback. With almost 10,000 ratings, Avada maintains an overall 5-Star rating.

“The Linux Lab team provides excellent support, listens to their users & continually works to improve their product.”

Stephen James

“The products you’ve been waiting for. The products to end all other product.”


 NAS Customer

“Just bought my 5th and 6th fury NAS of  this weekend!!!”

Julie Larson

Gibbon Thin client Customer

“Tiny Fury is the Swiss Army Knife of Linux Lab Product . It does Everything!”


“WOW – I dont know what else to say. This is the Best file sharing software product I have ever seen. I am a full time web dev, this product blows me away.”


Mahesh Talpade

 Cloud Customer

“hats-off to Linux Lab Support and there products are awesome.”

Jagdish Jagdale

Full Implementation Integration & Support For ERPNEXT.

ERPNEXT includes integration for the most popular shop plugin, Shopify. Our custom Solution are viable.

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