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Course Information

Delivery Method: Classroom, Virtual Classroom
Course Duration: 3 Months
Course Level: Basic + Advanced Level

Audience Summary

This course is designed for system administrators who need to become familiar with the Linux operating system. It is also ideal for those who would like to prepare for the RedHat Certified Linux Administrator 7.0 Exam.

Ch-1 Introduction to UNIX and LINUX
Ch-2 Working with File and Directories
Ch-3 Installation of LINUX(RedHat, Ubuntu, Suse)
Ch-4 User and Group Administration
Ch-5 Advanced File Permissions
Ch-6 File System
Ch-7 Logical Volume Management
Ch-8 Managing Partitions & File Systems
Ch-9 RAID (Redundant Array of InExpensive Disks)
Ch–10 Managing File System Quotas
Ch–11 Automation with cron and at
Ch–12 System Backup and Recovery
Ch–13 System Initialization
Ch–14 Enhanced User Security
Ch–15 Regular Expressions, Pipelines & I/O Redirection
Ch–16 Package Management
Ch-17 The Kernel
Ch-18 System Logging Server
Ch–19 Network Configuration
Ch–20 LDAP
Ch–21 SELinux Security
Ch–22 System Security
Ch–23 Remote Access Management
Ch–24 Remote Desktop Management
Ch–25 DHCP Server
Ch–26 FTP Server
Ch–27 Web Server (Apache)
Ch–28 Proxy Server (Squid)
Ch–29 Email Server (Postfix)
Ch–30 Webmail
Ch–31 NTP Server
Ch–32 Samba Server
Ch–33 DNS Server
Ch-34 Advanced Networking
Ch-35 Network File System (NFS)
Ch–36 Network Information System (NIS)
Ch–37 ISCSI (SAN Storage)
Ch–38 Web based Administration
Ch–39 Virtualization with KVM
Ch-40 Troubleshooting your system
Ch-41 Basic Shell Scripting
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