1.tell me about urself
2.what is the option u get when u select snapshot option
3.how to vmotion from one cluster to another cluster with in same datacenter
4.what is quise option while taking snapshot
5.I have 3 snapshots with 65 GB.while i am reverting to previous stage .is there any impact on vm
6.what is vmotion and sotorage vmotion
7.what is datastore
8.Tell me difference between 4.1 and 5.1 Esxi
9.vms are showing disconnected.what is the problem.how to troblueshoot
10.I am able to take rdp to vcenter.but unable to login to vcenter using webclient and vsphere client
11.Tell me any 3 windows vcenter services
12.what is the vmdk and flat.vmdk
13.what are virtual machine files.can u say few of them
14.what information is saved in vmx files
15.what is vmxf file.
16.i had removed vm from inventory?what file i need to check to add inventory
17.how to add luns to esxi.tell me step by step.
18.In esxi storage some death paths are showing in downside(device and paths) .i want to remove the dead paths
19.what is hardware version for esxi 4.1
20.what is your ITTL process
21.Tell me traffic shaping
22.what is promious mode
23.how to do vmotion from one vcenter to another in lower version

Project Manager Round
1.Tell me about urself
2.what is your ITIL process
3.what is change management
4.what is incident mangament
5.on what priority levels u work on
6.what is SLA (time bound ) for P4 and P5
7.For which client ur working
8.what is datastore and LUN
9.what is difference b/w esxi 4. and 5.1
10.what are maximums of esxi 5.1
11.what is maximum memory can we add for vm in esxi 5.1
12.what is maximum harddisk can we add for vm and host in esxi 5.1
13.what is the minimum response time to ack the ticket
14.what normal change and emergency change ticket
15.on what incident tickets u worked on them. name some